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Mathnasium of California, MD

46320 Lexington Village Way

Lexington Park, MD 20653

We are a math learning center. We help students catch up, keep up, and get ahead. 

Traditional Enrollment
Our Summer Session runs 6/11-9/16/17.
We will offer 3 summer enrollment options:
Short Term Membership - 3 month membership which includes 10, 1 hour visits each month. The cost is $299/mn.
Power Math Workout - 20, 1 hour visits which can be used during the Summer Session. The cost is $599.
Avoid the Summer Slide - 12, 1 hour visits which can be used during the Summer Session. The cost is $399. 
Fridays in the summer are themed game days. Students may drop in for one hour to play the games associated with the theme. These are included with membership and do not count as visits.

All new students are subject to a one-time, $99 assessment and learning plan fee. Summer enrollment is offered to rising 2nd graders through geometry.
We offer a sibling discount on additional sibling(s).

Summer Camps 2017

We will offer 5 summer camps this year. Each camp will run for one week, Monday through Friday from 9am-noon each day. Students will work in small groups to explore the math concepts associated with each theme. Reservations received by 5/31/17 and held with a $50 deposit will include a summer t-shirt.

Camps are $179 for the first camp and $159 for each additional camp. Camps are appropriate for rising 2nd graders through rising 6th graders. The schedule is:
What is the Chance? Week of 8/20/17 - Math concepts: probability, ratios, odds
Sportsmania - Week of 7/23/17 - Math concepts: decimals, proportions, averages
STEM - Week of 7/9/17 - Math concepts: angles, volume & area, fractions, percents
Money Madness - Week of 7/25/17 - Math concepts: making change, coin equivalence, taxes & discounts
Measurement Olympics - Week of 8/6/17 - Math concepts: measurement, units of measure, estimation