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Margaret Fletcher Dance Studio
507 Contentnea Avenue
New Bern, N.C.
252-626 1837

​Welcome to the Margaret Fletcher Dance Studio!  Since 1971 teaching dance has been our passion. Age 3 to 93. Ballet, Tap, Ballroom. Group lessons and private lessons are arranged to fit your schedule.

In PRESCHOOL DANCE children are taught a combination of

ballet, tap, acrobatics and age appropriate songs. They wear ballet slippers the

entire session. Beginning with the first lesson they acquire skills , knowledge and the

JOY of MOVEMENT. They blossom.

Ballet is languid. Ballet is frisky. Ballet is relaxing.

It soothes the spirit and improves posture. Ballet students begin at the barre

and progress to the centre. French terminology is introduced in the first lesson.

The students learn it naturally.