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Flying High Sports & Rec Center

5400 East Ave, Countryside IL 60558

(708) 352-3099

For over 20 years Flying High Sports & Rec Center has kept kids at the heart of all we do.  We started inspiring kids to be fit and active through gymnastics and today we offer a wide variety of competitive and recreational programming including: gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, tumbling, and martial arts.  Additionally we’ve become a destination for birthday parties, open gyms, and special events.

Flying High Sports & Rec Center offers a variety of classes for males and females ages walking to adult.  Our Twinkling Tots toddler gymnastics program gives your little one a change to have fun while discovering new skills like: balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, discipline.  Gymnastics training, even at the most elementary level, lays a foundation that can benefit a child’s overall development.  Our recreational gymnastics program was created for kids to get fit and have fun! Our talented instructors inspire our students to try new gymnastics skills and develop new talents while building life skills such as confidence, team work, and goal setting.  We also offer recreational cheer and dance classes that provide children with an opportunity to put their bodies in motion.  Students gain a real appreciation for music and develop an understanding of their own musicality, feeling the rhythm and temp of the music.  Or perhaps you would like to try Martial Arts!  Our Martial Arts classes are all about self-discovery.  We use traditional Tae Kwon Do as our foundation but branch out in many directions to instill respect, responsibility, self-discipline and confidence in our athletes.  Tae Kwon do is one of the most widely practiced martial arts in the world!!

The year is molded into 8 sessions but we offer open enrollment so call today to enroll your child in class!  We also offer family discounts.  A full schedule of classes and prices can be found on our website at:

Flying High is starting the year 2016 with the launch of a Groupon deal!  Search Flying High Sports & Rec Center on and buy your Open Gym or Little Tykes Time Punch Card while you can!  Choose between $75 for 10 open-gym sessions for kids of all ages ($120 value) or $30 for 10 Little Tykes Time open-gym daytime sessions for kids ages 5 years and younger ($50 value).  Open Gym is two hours of continuous fun for all ages held every Saturday from 12-2pm while Little Tykes Time is a playtime created exclusively for children Kindergarten and under!  Little Tykes Time is held Monday thru Fridays from 10-11:30am.  Scheduled days and times are subject to change throughout the year and increase during the holiday seasons.