Build a Bot II – 9:30-12:30: Create and program complex LEGO robots with friends while learning problem solving skills and engineering concepts


Coding Animation – 1:00-4:00: Students learn animation basics as they draw their own characters and bring them to life with code, while creating a portfolio of animated games, cartoon strips, music videos, and interactive worlds.


Super Structures – 9:30-12:30: Students explore, build, and test the seven basic bridges from around the world today, learning concepts fit for a structural engineer or architect.


Bot Lab II – 1:00-4:00: Experiment with advanced STEM concepts, create and bring to life sophisticated LEGO robots based on themes such as Safari Adventures and Movie Stunts.

Academic Programs - priced as marked and scheduled to fit your needs.


Read Ahead $350, 10 sessions – Kids develop the building blocks for early reading and writing skills through fun, multisensory activities.


Technical Writing $410, 12 sessions – From writing movie reviews to crafting web copy, kids learn key techniques through creative writing projects.


Fit4Algebra - $180, 6 sessions – We get kids in tip-top shape for algebra, using an engaging mix of activities to ensure math muscles are strong and fit.


Study Skills - $410, 12 sessions – Bring on bigger work loads with ease! Kids develop the time management, organization, and strategic planning skills for success.


Advanced Reading Skills - $410, 12 sessions – Read faster, Read Smarter! In this course students will improve comprehension, increase speed, and develop strategies for tackling  any size  reading project. MUST BE AT A 7th GRADE READING LEVEL


College Prep Writing - $410, 12 sessions – Prepare for the college entrance essay! Students will understand the purpose, requirements, and expectations of their essays while appropriately writing for their intended audience.

Sylvan Learning Center 

Federal Way



STEM Camps - $125 for half day, $240 for full day

Build a Bot I – 9:30-12:30: Get introduced to the amazing world of Robotics by building and programming LEGO robots and engaging in friendly competitions


Machine Makers – 1:00-4:00: Discover the amazing world of engineering by using your imagination to build fun, theme based creations and learn cool new STEM skills


Grand STEM Challenge – 9:30-12:30 Gr 3-5, 1:00-4:00: Gr 6-8 Students are given a real-world problem to solve with a team.  During the week, each team gets creative, coming up with possible solutions using K’NEX pieces. (The problem can be solved in different ways, but which is best?) Kids create, test, and redesign their solutions to make them better and better, just like real engineers!


Bot Lab I – 9:30-12:30: Stretch your imagination and skills by creating new LEGO robots based on fun themes, such as Superhero School and Dino World.


Engineering Lab I – 1:00-4:00: Students are presented with a design problem and work to solve the challenges with nothing but their imaginations, LEGO supplies, and knowledge of how simple machines work.

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