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Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum 

500 Northeast Captain Michael King Smith Way

McMinnville, OR 97128

503 434 4180

Every month, our education department hosts Home School Days focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Home School Program offers children and their families hands-on activities that feature a different aeronautical subject each month. Topics range from learning about the science of hot air balloons and gliders to talking with adults in the air-and-space industry about career options.

2016/17 Home School Days
All taking place from 10:00am-2:00pm

Museum Members: (per session) Youth: $15 Adult: Free
Non-Members: (per session) Youth: $20 Adult: $10.

• September 23rd Early Aviation Pioneers.

This class will explore the early pioneers in flight such as Otto Lilienthal , Octave Chanute, Leonardo da Vinci and many more. Did Gustave Whitehead beat the Wright Brothers into the air? Join us and find out more.

• October 21st Voyage of the HMS Bounty

Explore the rich history of this infamous British vessel the Bounty. From the mutiny and landing on Pitcairn island to the open boat voyage of more than 4 thousand miles by Captain Bligh. This piece of history is more than meets the eye.

• November 18th Home School Waterpark Day
Join us for a day of fun and water related experiments. Waterpark day is a time to explore water science and then enjoy the slides and pools.

• December 16th Christmas at the Front

For the 3rd year our annual Christmas at the Front living history day brings the students onto the battlefields and home front during Christmas. Learn how the soldiers and their families found ways to celebrate in a time of war.

• January 20th Apollo Moon Program

From Apollo 1 through Apollo 17. From the first manned flight in 1968 to the final flight in December 1972. The Apollo program helped mankind take its first small steps into a bigger universe. Come learn the history and science behind this great adventure.

• February 17th History of Kites
We know that by 549 AD paper kites were being flown in China. Come learn the rich history of kite flying. Students will also construct and experiment with their very own kites.

• March 24th Public Enemies-A history of the depression era outlaws

The 1930s was a period of famous gangsters such as John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, and Ma Barker. It also became known as the Public Enemies Era when the FBI began to keep "Public Enemies" lists of wanted criminals charged with crimes. This class will teach us the reasons behind their legendary exploits and the FBI agents tasked to hunt them down.

• April 21st Sputnik and beyond-A history of the unmanned Russian space program

The Russian space program is rich in history and technology. This class will help students learn more about our Comrades in the space race.

• May 19th Model Rocketry

Want to be a rocket scientist? Join us for a full day of model rocketry. Each student will build, learn the science behind and launch their very own model rocket!