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Crenshaw Yoga & Dance Studio
5426 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043

We offer intensive courses in the Performing Arts, specifically Dance/Movement, Acting & Vocals - Triple Threat. Our Course is not just for those aspiring Kids who wish to pursue a Career in the 'Industry', although we certainly fulfill that role but we have had much success in building self-confidence and creativity in kids which will benefit them in everyday circumstances.

Our 'Triple.Threat.Summer.Intensive" is a 6-day course for our two age groups:

Lab 1 (Ages 5 - 10) and Lab 2 (Ages 11 & Up), from July 30th - August 4th & includes an 'open-house' Finalé for friends & family on the final day... which promises to be a lot of fun!! Our Teachers are all working Industry Veterans who have many years of Teaching experience behind them & who are passionate about passing on creativity & confidence through the Arts! Go to our Website for details.

The H.E.ART offers an 11-Week Course both in Spring and in Fall, where every Sunday we teach our Students Technique in Vocal, Acting & Dance/Movement. We feel these discplines are all interconnected - it's all about StageCraft and self-confidence is nurtured in a very friendly environment. We also offer Private Classes, customized for individuals or groups. Contact us through our Website for further details.