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Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Inc. (CECO)
931 S. Semoran Blvd. Suite 220

Winter Park, FL. 32792

Conductive education services for children with Cerebral Palsy and other related motor disorders.

This is a special needs summer camp for children with cerebral palsy and other related motor disabilities.  CECO can offer your child an intensive conductive education program with the focus on increasing physical and social independence.  Conductive Education is a holistic individualized program incorporating physical, social and educational elements in a group setting. The intensive sessions are led by PETO trained conductors including physical, educational and self-care skills. Students are grouped in small classes (up to 6 students max in each classroom) that are segmented to meet your child's developmental needs.

There is one-to-one student to staff ratio (each group is led by a conductor with trained program assistants) and physical and cognitive stimulation for your child throughout the entire day. The daily routine includes programs to develop new skills and improve existing gross motor; fine motor and self-care skills in a group environment. Students from around the world join us for this life changing program. ‚Äč