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Academy of Music and Art & Gainesville Guitar Academy, Inc.

1128 N.W. 13th Street

Gainesville, FL 32601

(352) 372-8004

Quality private lessons for all ages in most instruments and voice from teachers with the highest credentials and many years of experience, award winning competitions, ensembles and recitals in our Performance Hall, as well as Art Lessons for small groups from age 6 in drawing, acrylics and watercolor, as well as oils for adults.

Year-round free trial sessions for all interested students, and fees that are much reduced due to the "co-op like" structure of our program, started by teachers in 1980 to allow more people in the community more access to the best teachers in the area.

After the initial free session, our Monthly rates for music lessons for the 30 minute weekly Music lessons are $88/month, pro-rated the first month if needed, with that flat rate yielding an average of 4 lessons/month, due to our holiday calendar offering as many months with 5 lessons as the Holiday months which offer 3. The two-hour group Art classes are priced on the same "average of 4 lessons per month" arrangement, and cost $130/month, and we offer further discounts for multiple family member students. Only a 30-day withdrawal notice obligation is required after registration ($20 for the first family member, and only $5 for each additional family member).