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A first person story of  Will Scarlet

By: Christian D. M. & John M. R.

I scanned the opposite tree line, searching for any sign of movement. I was perched atop a snow-covered limb when I saw a large deer step out from behind a clump of trees. We needed the meat badly; I couldn’t miss. I pulled back the string, shut one eye, and released the string. It was a long shot; twigs fell to the ground in its course... thunk! I’d hit my mark. It wasn’t perfect but it would have to do.

I leapt down to the ground and started down the hill. It was growing dark and I had to get the deer before I ran out of light. Running through snow (as deep as it was) was tough business. I ran fast and hard; the deer was still alive.  I ran to the spot where I shot it; blood. I followed the trail down the hill and across the creek.

The blood trail was obvious, but suddenly I stopped. A second pair of tracks? More tracks? Lots of tracks! Over top of the deer’s, and the blood. I bent down to investigate; wolf tracks. I paused to decide whether or not to continue. But the men back in Sherwood, needed the meat…so badly; it had been such a bad winter.

I pressed on.

I stopped short when I heard a low growl just ahead. I crept up towards a clearing in the woods where the deer lay, bloodied, and motionless. About four wolves circled the carcass. If I could kill the wolves too…that’d be a lot of meat. I paused to think.

I drew an arrow and in a quick fluid motion, let fly with one of them.

They paused, and looked up. I’d made a mistake. Somehow they looked angry. I dropped the bow in the snow, and drew my sword.

“Let’s see what you got,” I said.

I hit the first out of the way, knocked the second aside, but the third got my leg. I fell to the ground. In pain, and cold, hacking wildly at the monster! I locked my arms around his neck and shoved him aside, only to have another jump on me.

I pushed my sword into the one on top of me. I started to rise, and faced the other two when, as they leapt at me in the air.

An arrow struck him in the air.The other crouched to jump.


Who was it? Of course, my cousin, Robin. Robin Hood. ----------------

Christian D. M. lives in Northern Michigan. He plays basketball, and baseball, and writes in his spare time. He is thirteen years old.  John M. R. also lives in Northern Michigan, and enjoys writing. He also plays hockey, and likes acting. He is fifteen years old.  Christian and John are good friends, and enjoy getting together. They write together, and share book ideas and thoughts.

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