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Park Cities School of Music

7979 Inwood Rd. Suite 113

Dallas TX 75209


Description of Services: We offer private piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, guitar, ukulele & saxophone, flute, clarinet, drums/percussion for students of all ages and adults.  We offer group classes for toddlers such as Little Music Mozart, Little Singers and Baby Music and Me.  Lessons take place at our studio, your home or via Skype.

Park Cities School of Music offers complete music training for students of all ages. Our teachers are attuned to the individual needs and desires of the students. We believe in well-balanced instruction which includes musical and technical skill development, with emphasis on music theory and music history. Students will also be offered a variety of performing experiences throughout their time here at Park Cities School of Music.

We also offer private lessons for children with special needs. We are fortunate to live in a world where children with learning differences have equal access to education opportunities. Each special needs student is different, unique and requires a child-specific approach to learning which Park Cities School of Music is proud to offer.

Music is an invaluable resource that constantly challenges the mind. It has been proven that the skills learned in performing arts are transferred to other fields such as math and science. Individual lessons (piano, violin, voice, guitar etc.) also help with the stimulation of the brain, as well as improve fine motor skills, memory and speech. Music is also fun, and makes learning a new instrument exciting. It is all of these elements that Park Cities School of Music is able to combine for an truly enriching music education for your child. Come see us here at Park Cities School of Music!