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​Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research

We offer a variety of workshops on molecular medicine for high-achieving high school and middle school students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or related fields, such as pharmacy, nursing or medical research. Camps are offered year-round and there are online and in-person options available, including residential camps held at some of the world's best universities.  Workshops that are offered include Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience, Medicinal Chemistry, Medical Bioinformatics, Molecular Immunology, Molecular Biology of Aging, Biomedical Research, Emerging Pathogenic Viruses, Cancer Research, Immunology Research, and Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine.

Winter Break Workshops (Dec 26-30, 2021)
1. Biomedical Research (in-person, Alameda, CA)
2. Medicinal Chemistry (online)
3. Medical Bioinformatics (online)

Spring 2022 Workshops

1. Emerging Pathogenic Viruses (3/14-3/25, online)
2. Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine (3/28-4/8, online)

Summer Workshops - Day and Residential camps held at UC Berkeley and UCSD (June/July)
1. Molecular Biology of Cancer
2. Molecular Neuroscience
3. Molecular Immunology
4. Molecular Biology of Aging

Summer Workshops - Day Camps in Alameda, CA
1. Biomedical Research
2. Cancer Research
3. Immunology Research

Summer Online Workshops
1. Medicinal Chemistry
2. Medical Bioinformatics
3. Emerging Pathogenic Viruses
4. Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine

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