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Molecular Medicine/Biomedical Research Summer Camps  
Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research
California, Texas

Our summer camps include Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience, Molecular Immunology, and Molecular Biology of Development and Aging while the Medical and Translational Bioinformatics workshop is held during winter and spring break.   Our science camps are designed for high-achieving high school students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or related fields, such as pharmacy, nursing, biomedical research or drug development. Through engaging lectures and hands-on laboratory classes, students learn normal molecular and cellular biology, and then learn how these normal processes are distorted during the development of disease. To conclude the workshop, students use what they have learned to create an original research project on a gene of their choice. More broadly, the workshops strengthen academic skills and help to ease the transition to college.

Our summer camps are held at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. Students are housed in on-campus undergraduate dorms in doubles, triples or quads, and eat in campus dining facilities. Teaching assistants/residential advisors live with the students and are available to mentor and assist the students. In addition, the camp directors are on-site 24 hours/day. Overall, we maintain a student to staff ratio that is better than the universities require.

Winter/Spring break camps
are held at our facility in Berkeley, CA and at TCU in Dallas, TX

Winter/Spring Break Workshops: 
Medical and Translational Bioinformatics: 12/26-12/29 and 4/2-4/5 in Berkeley, CA and 3/12-3/15 at TCU in Dallas, TX

Summer Workshops: 
Molecular Biology of Cancer and Molecular Neuroscience: 6/3-6/16 and 6/17-6/30 (UC Berkeley) and 7/8-7/21 (UC San Diego)
Molecular Immunology: 6/3-6/16 (UC Berkeley) and 7/8-7/21 (UC San Diego)
Molecular Biology of Development and Aging: 6/17-6/30 (UC Berkeley)
Biomedical Research: 7/25-8/4 (San Jose, CA)

Produced online weekly by Homeschooling Kids!