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Hwa Rang Do Madison North
1117 N. Sherman Ave Madison, WI 53704
608 441 5425

We've been in Madison for over 25 years. We are a Martial Art organization that provides Self Defense classes for children and adults ages 3 and up. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes Monday through Saturday (Visit North and West websites for additional details). The classes taught range from Traditional Martial Arts to Weaponry, Sparring, and Grappling, Bully Prevention, Tumbling/Acrobatics, Kick Boxing, and our newest addition, Circuit Training (Visit North and West websites for additional details), which is open to the public. Services have expanded to also offer Video Game/Movie nights once a month at the North and West locations.

Adults- *$75/mo
Kids- *$50/mo
*This includes a Free uniform!

Hwa Rang Do Madison West
6713 Odana Rd Ste 5 Madison, WI 53719
608 831 5425

Thanks for considering our summer camps!  We know there are lots of options out there, and we do our best to provide the kids with an incredible experience and awesome training.  Summer is a special time, and we want to make the most of it!  Whether you are looking for full time or part time, our camps are sure to leave positive and meaningful insight to all who participate.
No previous martial arts experience necessary for our camps!  Remember camp sizes are limited, make sure to get your registrations in ASAP to reserve your space!

Pricing Details:

Registration Fee = $150
Full time tuition total per week = $150
Sibling discount = %5
Pre Registration date = 3/12/16
Summer Camp officially begins June 13th
Camp times 9a to 5p Monday through Friday

Contact us at:

Tomorrow's Leading Knights
1117 N Sherman Ave
Madison, WI 53704
608 441 5425