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Accredited by the American Camp Association the camp is careful to keep all its science and activity programs safe and up to date.  The excellent staffing ratio is built around qualified teachers and complimented by the camp’s habit of hiring older counselors in the final years of University science courses, medical students or trainee teachers.  

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Science Camp Watonka

Hawley, PA in the Poconos

570 226 4779

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2017 Sessions

2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.  June 24th to August 19th.
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​​What exactly do you do when the family’s young scientist puts the lights out again with a loud bang and an apology?  Or fills the house with the smoke usually seen around a chemical factory?  One option might be to send him to Camp Watonka, where a unique science summer program has been operating for nearly 50 years to rescue you from just that kind of problem.

Campers spend around half a day doing science in custom laboratories covering chemistry, physics
, electronics, video, robotics, astronomy, earth science, nature, biology and photography.  If a science camp sounds a little too much like school, then it’s worth considering the full range of other activities available; with dirt bikes, one of the largest ropes courses in the Northeast and all the sports, crafts and waterfront.   The program is fully elective with campers choosing their science options for a two week course and filling in their non-science time with the other activities on a day by day basis.

One of the activities that many campers do in their non-science time is Rocketry.  In keeping with the unique nature of the camp, the program doesn’t use any kits; instead campers get to be creative by building and launching their own designs.  This principle of creativity applies across the crafts and also, vitally, to the sciences where campers are encouraged to investigate and experiment.   Many school science classes have the students following a series of instructions to get a pre-planned result but at camp there are the facilities and staff to allow campers to ask their own questions and perform the experiments to test their own ideas under the direction and leadership of qualified instructors. The camp is small with just 100 campers and around 50 staff and campers live in comfortable cabins close to the main program areas. 

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