Camp Fire Alaska

161 Klevin Street, Suite 100

Anchorage, AK, 99508

(907) 279 - 3551

Camp Fire is a non-profit youth development agency providing children the opportunity to discover the best in themselves and others in a fun, safe, learning environment. Camp Fire serves over 6,000 youth each year providing caring, mentoring, adult relationships, nurturing youths’ social and emotional growth, and promoting healthy life choices. Camp Fire operates licensed before-and-after school care for children at over thirty different sites across the Anchorage School District, conducts outreach to rural Alaskan communities, and maintains a number of enriching summer camps.

Camp Fire Alaska offers both day camp and resident camp experiences for youth ages 5 – 17.  Programs are designed to help youth develop valuable life skills while having fun in the outdoors. Session dates, pricing, and registration can be found at

Camp Fire operates 29 municipally licensed school-age child-care programs in Anchorage and Eagle River, serving more than 1,300 children each day, in grades K to 6. Programs are located in the elementary school where the participants are enrolled, creating consistency for the children and easing the burden of transportation for parents. Over the summer months, Camp Fire also provides day and resident camp experiences for youth ages 5 – 17.

Registration is online.

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