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Berks Youth Chorus

GoggleWorks, 201 Washington Street, Suite 529

Reading, PA 19601


The mission of Berks Youth Chorus (BYC) is to enrich our community by fostering and promoting choral excellence in young people through music education and quality performances. For more than 20 years, singers from a diverse cross-section of neighborhoods, cultures, religion, and economic strata have come together to make music and friendships that last a lifetime. BYC singers delight audiences with their superb artistry and joyful enthusiasm, and, through a rigorous music curriculum, acquire an outstanding education and learn crucial life lessons like teamwork, time management, priority setting, self-presentation, communication and personal responsibility.

BYC provides an outstanding, comprehensive choral education and unique performing experiences in curriculum and programs for auditioned members who are selected annually during open, competitive auditions. The chorus provides similar opportunities for non-auditioned singers through its Summer Sing program.